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Low Code AI

Text To Software and a SageTea application are all you need to get the benefits of Low Code AI for your business.


Explore the benefits of Text to Software and SageTea apps


Reduce IT backlog and quickly
respond to business needs


Empower teams to
solve challenges


Do more within budget, time,
and resource constraints


Automate time-consuming and
manual business processes


Work across platforms


Maintain security and control


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No code software

Software development is complex by its very nature. Machine learning and AI software are even more complex. But Low Code AI is an approach to making customized AI software by using AI to make AI.


To do this, we start by using Text To Software and a pre-built application for a particular market. Because Text To Software is able to read simple English statements from requirements and transform them automatically into software.

From this process, we can then add machine learning APIs to provide a customized AI solution. Our patented database model requires no coding to represent any form of data and data structure.

By reducing the need to code individual screens and databases this frees up resources that can be applied to machine learning problems.

Change management, program management tools, task management for AI projects become so much easier when large parts of the software development process are automated.


IT Strategy: Driving Efficiency Through Low-Code App Development

Low-code doesn’t mean low-powered. With the extensibility of Text to Software app to connect to hundreds of other apps, business systems, and databases.

IT teams can use it to tackle in-depth and complex challenges, making app development much more efficient for professional developers.

Using Text to Software with our AI algorithm, also enables you to create automated workflows that streamline business tasks.

Until recently, creating apps rested solely in the hands of professional developers. However, the SageTea apps low-code development platform, also empowers non-IT employees to solve simple business challenges on their own by building business applications with drag-and-drop simplicity.

So you can reduce your IT backlog knowing that your organization is building solutions in a secure and compliant environment.