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Workflow management software channels the flow of a project’s work, directing its course from A to Z.

A solid workflow tool serves as a guide for the current of project tasks that need to happen along the way, with the project outcomes being fully formed as they flow through different processes, check, and balances.

Office Manager is like a home base for all your workflows: use it as a tool to create workflows and track your team’s work.


Workflow management software for teams

Build Your Own Custom Workflow


We’ve given a lot of thought to how navigation should work.

This menu lets you select any workflow area and move to immediately. In Office Manager, menu choices are Office Management, Scheduler, Pay Period, Approved Pay Period, Pay Period Activity, Active Projects, Completed Projects, Active, Testing, Test Results, Active Issue, Resolved Issue, Participant, Address, Appointment, Visit, Cancellations, Document, Email Accounts, Email Folders, New Email, Email, Contact, Channel Partner, Financial Dashboard, Build Submission, Accounts, Participant Dashboard, Sales Report, Customer Report, Customer Visit, Reception, Room 1,2,3.., Completed Visit, No Shows,. Follow Ups, Invoice, Administration, Resource, Location, Appointment Reason, Service List Setup, Tax, Color, Reports, Invoice Report, Product Report, User Report

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Launch Text To Software and customize Office Manager yourself.

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Office Manager has an interactive scheduler which helps with managing complex scheduling tasks.

Instant Messaging

Office Manager includes instant messaging. This feature lets team members send messages to each other from inside any workflow.

Workflow Management App

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