SageTea Low Code Infrastructure as a Service

SageTea Low Code Infrastructure as a Service (SLCIaaS) is a virtual computing environment designed for customers who need a virtualized private cloud with low code integration. This product is based on a Linux based Virtual Machine available on SageTea Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Standard implementations include developer access, training and second level certified end user and developer support services.

Example uses are legacy Java or C++ projects that are still in production but are due for retirement. They have aging libraries and the project owners are experiencing difficulty in sourcing new talent. SageTea Low Code IaaS provides the ability to layer low code user interfaces onto older systems. Data connectivity is maintained through new web services APIs. These share data between a low code front end and the legacy environment.

Customers with their own developers and dev ops teams can receive SageTea Certification Level 1 training at any time. This enables external developers with the skills they need to rollout their own low code implementations and integration points. Second line support from SageTea’s development team assists dev ops teams with conversion and low code roll outs of new editions of legacy systems.

SLCIaaS support services include custom end point implementations, additional Smart Parts, joint coding and debugging sessions, and end user deployment support for third party dev ops teams.

SLCIaaS customers may choose one of SageTea’s pre-built applications to initialize their SLCIaaS instance, start with a blank application or one of their own base applications.

SLCIaaS includes three separate portals for developer testing, QA testing and production.

Government and high security customers may select SLCIaaS with the ITSG-33/Protected B Microsoft Azure hosting option. Our ITSG-33 compliance policy follows this GitHub implementation framework – Azure/Canada PubSecALZ. implementation is based on Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and provides an opinionated implementation that enables ITSG-33 regulatory compliance by using NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4 and Canada Federal PBMM Regulatory Compliance Policy Sets. Architecture supported up to Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) Cloud Profile 3 – Cloud Only Applications. This profile is applicable to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) with these characteristics.

SLCIaaS is ideal for customers who want to integrate machine learning with low code. The virtualized Linux computing environment is ideal for installing and running Python and related machine learning libraries. These can be easily integrated and accessed through Low Code to provide a wide variety of Low Code AI applications.