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About SageTea

SageTea Software Inc. is a privately controlled IT company in Ottawa, Canada that has been in business for more than 8 years.  SageTea specializes in customized software tools and services for the Canadian Government as well as for national and international clients through its distribution partners.

Text To Software Concept

SageTea is a data modelling language defined by an acronym:
[S]tate, [A]ctivity, [G]roup, [E]lement, [T]ransition, [E]vent and [A]ction.

SageTea’s core product, Text-to-Software®, is a unique, patented system for developing customized software.  The company has had major design wins with the Canadian federal government and successful solutions delivered in the Health Care and Warehousing industries.

Our workforce is composed of technology professionals, high performance executives, engineers, MBA and graduate students, top level undergraduate students and visionaries.

SageTea strategic partnerships include:

  • Willis College, one of Canada’s premiere IT training colleges;
  • Fund Through, Transform your receivables into working capital, instantly.
  • Decisive/BriteSky, Decisive’s custom IT solutions wrapped with BriteSky’s high level data security for government and enterprise level clients; and,
  • Cobalt Speech and Language, Cobalt offers a broad variety of speech and natural language recognition, understanding, analysis, TTS, as well as expert consulting.

SageTea works closely with Universities such as the University of New Brunswick’s, Faculty of Computer Science on funded research projects and job training programs.

SageTea is always looking for the top new talent in sales, technology, marketing, finance and business development.  If we don’t have a position open for you at this time, we still encourage you to contact us to get your resume on file.

Our Awesome Team

David Long

David Long

Founder & CEO

David Long graduated from Carleton University with a B.Sc. in Computer Mathematics. He served in the Governor General’s Foot Guards. Top Candidate on his Infantry Section Commander Course and the youngest Master Corporal in his unit at the time. He went on to work in the defense sector doing Electronic Warfare Simulation. He moved from there to designing OC3 applications at Nortel Networks. During the .com era, he joined Merrill Lynch and is an eyewitness to the September 11th attacks. He went on to start SageTea Software. He is the author of Canadian and US Patents entitled: “System and Method to Transform a Complex Database Into a Simple, Faster, and Equivalent Database”. He raised $2.4M for launching SageTea Software. He has 3 sons with his wife Tandy and lives in Ottawa south.

Our Values

SageTea believes that life should be less complicated. That’s why we create easy to use, easy to customize, software applications that support the way you do business.

SageTea’s patented development platform creates software applications with little or no coding. As a result, there are significantly fewer bugs caused by human error. Every application we develop is built to the highest security standards and we can provide our customers with Protected B (or higher) cloud storage solutions.
As part of our commitment to the community, SageTea has worked closely with the co-op departments of the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College and Willis College to offer students from Canada and around the world the chance for their first real job in their chosen careers. We have also partnered with the University of New Brunswick’s Computer Sciences department to develop world-leading AI solutions.
SageTea also works with other community organizations such as the Community Employment Resource Centre, IT 2.0, Youth Services Bureau and the International Talent Acquisition Centre.

What We Do Best

Office Management

Project Management

Low Code AI

Inventory Management

Health Care EMR

Health Care Long Term Care


Text To Software

Audit Plan data analysis

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