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Text-to-Software web is a low-code software development platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses.


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This is a monthly, subscription-based service for our low-code software development platform - Text-to-Software®. This is the new web version and it also includes Text-to-Software LTS.

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Text to Software User Manual

What is a Low-Code Software Platform?:

  • Low-code application platforms are easy, cost-effective ways to create custom applications
  • This takes the hassle out of expensive and time-consuming coding so that companies can quickly develop applications, either for themselves or clients
  • SageTea’s Text-to-Software® is a leading-edge, low-code application platform that makes it easy to produce customizable applications

Who Uses Low-Code Software?:

Any company that has a workflow or business process and that wants to move from paper forms or spreadsheets to a custom application. You start with a generic application and build yourself a custom workflow by importing text.

What are the Benefits to Using SageTea's Low-Code Software Platform?:

  • Create software based on your own workflow process - rather than using a template
  • Reduce the cost of going digital by using a platform that gives you a high level of customization - without the expense of traditional customization
  • Make changes whenever you need them - without the need for outside IT support and additional costs
  • Eliminate the change management headache of getting your staff to adopt a different work process - SageTea's platform maps the staff's own workflow
  • Amalgamate databases and processes in one application - for reduced redundancy and increased performance

What is Included?:

  • 1 hour setup session to initialize your product with some text for your workflow
  • 1 developer license
  • 1 end user license
  • SageTea Cloud: [YOUR APPLICATION NAME].sagetea.ai url
  • Training material
  • Standard support - email M-F, 9am-5pm EST
  • Annual updates

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