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SageTea Entreprise

Build enterprise applications directly from business requirements

SageTea Software is an Ottawa-based company that has developed a fundamental breakthrough in creating software applications. Our proprietary Text-to-Software® development platform uses natural language to automatically create enterprise-level software directly from business requirements, for a fraction of the cost and in far less time compared to traditional programming methodologies.

The flexibility and speed of our Text-to-Software platform makes it an ideal choice for organizations in the energy, defense, asset management, healthcare, and mobile industry sectors.

Army Mission Planning Tool

In the fall of 2014 SageTea was approached by a global defense company to assess SageTea’s Text to Software Platform in developing an Army Mission Planning Tool for system management. Ideally, the mission planning tool would allow an Army planner to upload orders and supporting documentation, enter minimal additional information, and produce an output file that could be used to configure the operational Network/Communication System. Such a tool could provide a useful outcome to the Army, namely increasing mission speed and/or accuracy.


SageTea Software Standards

SageTea Text-to-Software technology works with common industry standards and protocols:

  • Email Protocols: SMTP, POP3, HTTP, Web Scraping
  • Document File Formats: Import and Export PDF, DOC
  • Graphics: JPG, PNG
  • Databases: MS Access, My SQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, COM, flat files
  • Web Services (XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) for third-party application access
  • Microsoft

SageTea Software Installation Services

The SageTea Installation Service will:

  • Install a SageTea Software application at your location, either on-site or in a data center
  • Verify the application is running properly and demonstrate it to your key stakeholders
  • Set up any required user accounts
  • Configure any features of the existing SageTea application (for ex: colors) Note: Installation service does not include changes to the SageTea application, data migration, reporting, training, or change management.

Standard Customization

The standard method for customizing applications is to use our proprietary Text-to-Software tool. The Standard Customization service will produce one (1) unit of customization for a SageTea Application. One unit of customization is the equivalent of two hours’ work for a SageTea-certified solution provider using only the Text-to-Software platform. SageTea Software will deploy a new version of the Application along with the final documentation produced by the Text-to-Software tool.

Data Migration

Clients may use our Text-to-Software tool to migrate data from their existing databases. Our Data Migration service will migrate or link one (1) unit of data from an existing database with a SageTea Application. One unit of data consists of a single set of schema and data from a single database. The data source must work with one of the following drivers: ODBC, MS Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle.

Advanced Customization

You can use Text-to-Software to analyze your data, develop business rules, and design workflows. The Advanced Customization provides one (1) unit of advanced customization, the equivalent of four days’ work by a SageTea-certified solution provider using only Text-to-Software.

The work can include any of the following activities:

  • Development of Use Cases and Requirements
  • Importing content from websites
  • Development of workflows using SageTea
  • Development of business rules

Business Intelligence

Clients can use “Text to Software” to analyze data and generate reports from a wide variety of databases. The Business Intelligence Service will provide one (1) unit of business intelligence, the equivalent of four days’ work by a SageTea-certified solution provider using only Text-to-Software.

The Business Intelligence service can consist of:

  • Connecting to and analyzing third party databases
  • Designing reports in SageTea
  • Designing PDF reports
  • Integrating existing business rules into reports
  • Reverse engineering legacy systems to extract Use Cases and Requirements into SageTea

Systems Integration

SageTea Software works with certified solution providers who can provide standard programming services in all modern languages.

The Systems Integration service will:

  • Allow SageTea to share data and work with third-party software or hardware
  • Requires a separate quote and is on a time and materials basis


SageTea provides training for new clients on how to use their SageTea Applications.

The Training service will provide End User Training that will:

  • Train up to 8 users to use a SageTea Application
  • Include a 2-4 hour session with follow up by email/social media
  • Utilize WebEx with a live trainer

Note: Training requires a separate quote and is on a time and materials basis

Change Management

SageTea technology provides customized change management programs for organizations introducing SageTea Applications.

The Change Management service will:

  • Set up a customized change management program involving organizational stakeholders
  • Define goals for each participant of the program
  • Utilize a leadership based/train the trainer approach
  • Involve 3 change management sessions at the beginning, mid-point, and handoff of the implementation program

Note: Change Management requires a separate quote and is on a time and materials basis

Service Plans

SageTea Applications are easily customized and often grow over time. To manage costs for our clients, we provide two levels of service: Standard and Advanced.

Standard Service Plan

  • Recommended for all SageTea Applications
  • The client may request up to 2 units of standard customization per month
  • The client may request 1 feature enhancement every 6 months

Advanced Service Plan

  • Recommended for large Enterprise SageTea Applications
  • The client may request up to 8 units of standard customization per month

Both Service Plans involve a change to a core Text-to-Software feature and requests must be approved by SageTea Software.

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