The most creative low-code platform

SageTea is the most surefire way for IT and business people to rapidly build and deploy their own enterprise-grade web and mobile apps to streamline work and processes.

Business-led, IT approved.

SageTea’s low-code platform uniquely combines speed and ease with powerful automation, security, and reliability. This means IT and business users can work together to configure, deploy, and manage apps that optimize processes and close technology gaps typically filled by error-prone spreadsheets and paper. 



Provide teams across the organization with one secure, easy-to-use app-building platform.


Facilitate collaboration across teams, as well as across other departments.


Work from anywhere, even when offline, with native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Connect to other apps and software systems with SageTea Integrations or our Developer APIs.



Test and try app changes in a separate, sandbox environment.


Improved Agility. In the long run, apps built with low-code platforms help organizations become more agile.

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Start fast. Scale as needed.

With the ever-increasing demand for more apps, many organizations struggle to keep up. The beauty of SageTea’s low-code platform is that organizations can easily start fast and scale over time, adding new apps and users as they go and the organization’s needs evolve.

Keep projects on the right track with clicks

Business moves fast. Work fluctuates and change happens quickly. Either you’re stuck relying on slow, error-prone spreadsheets or a generic project management tool that wasn’t built exactly for your business needs.

Building best-in-class supply chain processes

Paper and spreadsheets remain a powerful tool for collecting and calculating data, but they’re a risky solution for supply chain planning and management.

SageTea Software was initially pioneered in the Healthcare industry

Text to Software adds additional value to the Healthcare sector with proven business cases related to more general IT related challenges. These include data migration, legacy system migration, data classification, inventory control and artificial intelligence.

Low Code Solutions for Small Business

SageTea Software provides solutions for Small Business through qualified solution providers.

Using Text-to-Software®, our channel partners can offer low code customized solutions for a wide variety of small business applications.

Text-to-Software® supports applications for Excel, MS Word, MS Access, simple mobile apps and customized web-based portals.

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