The next generation in Rapid Application Development (RAD) technology is made possible using SageTea. The core concepts in SageTea are based on using the S-A-G-E-T-E-A Application Model & Methodology to design fully functional applications. If you have familiarity with UML and object-oriented design techniques, you will be comfortable using this system.

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Why SageTea Software?

SageTea was created with the vision of delivering customized software effectively and efficiently, in shorter time and lower cost. SageTea Inc. is a Canadian company, located in Ottawa that is expert in creating working software directly from text, using Text-to-Software.

Text-to-Software is SageTea’s main product that means that people can use text to develop software rather than needing to be developers and know how to write computer code.

Instant Results

The SageTea Application Server implements a business process by building a model that contains States, Activities, Groups, Elements, Transitions, Events, and Actions. SageTea is designed to allow someone to easily add these things together to quickly produce a workable process that can be given to teams of people and machines

Understanding the logic flow from a requirements document, through the Text-to-Software tool to a finished business application.

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Analyzing The Problem

There are three kinds of basic information that need to be considered when developing an application in Text-to-Software:

  1. The Requirements document – which is something a client or business analyst will either provide or that will be developed with a client
  2. The Text-to-Software tool – which will be used to manipulate requirements in order to create an application
  3. The final application.


Creating A Custom Solution

The general usage of SageTea is similar to using flow charts to design a business workflow with the improvement that you get fully functional software. SageTea can be used to get a quick start to designing your own unique process or application. Once your process is deployed, you can continue to add new parts to your system using SageTea. These can be updated easily on your SageTea Application Server and will automatically appear to your users.

The Results

Text To Software is designed to dramatically accelerate the development process for your essential applications while also delivering unprecedented levels of flexibility, enabling you to continuously evolve applications as your business needs and technology trends evolve.


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