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Why waste time and money on software coding?  Increase productivity with the most agile low-code software platform ever and build custom software FASTER
Improve your business performance with AI-based software.  Deep data analysis using advanced algorithms.  Get the most out of your data and stay COMPETITIVE.
Multiple or outdated databases slow down business process and silo data.  Update and amalgamate your databases for optimal data ANALYSIS.
Comprehensive corporate or accounting risk and compliance audit software that is ready to use.  AI Deep Learning-based analysis for superior data visualization and regulatory COMPLIANCE.

Take advantage of our pre-developed industry templates for even faster software customization and delivery.  Multiple industry verticals and formats for greater EASE-OF-USE.


Our unique approach based on Text to Software provides you with rapid results. We read your requirements and build the solution automatically.

Customer Testimonial

“SageTea’s software was incredible value. Its ease of use, customization and rapid deployment gives me assurance of solid customer service ratings. A truly amazing product.” – Mike Kolberg, Royal Moving & Storage Owner