Technology is ever increasingly changing human life. It has penetrated our routines in ways we never could have imagined and one of the latest industries that has been affected by technology is the healthcare industry.

Who would have imagined having an electronic medical appointment with a real, qualified doctor? But what was once cutting edge is now mainstream. Applications can now provide even more features than an electronic medical appointment. Current applications in the market offer video-consultation for patients with mental or physical health problems, can be scheduled within 24 hours, have become cheaper than regular appointments and are often used for second opinions.

In addition to electronic appointments, there are several applications that have been created for e-prescriptions. After an electronic appointment is completed, if the family doctor or specialist recommends medication then this medication can be mailed to the patient’s home using one of the e-prescription applications. For prescription refills, a patient can upload his or her e-prescription to the prescription application with their mailing address. The medicine then arrives to the patient’s doorstep within 24 hours.

Existing applications also include ones that connect doctors and specialists. Just like LinkedIn that is used to professionally connect us with colleagues and Twitter that is used to connect us with the latest 140 letter news tweets, there are applications that connect doctors the same way. Those applications allow doctors to share information and knowledge and also allows them to post questions about things they would like to learn about. For example, an orthopedic doctor could be connected with a dermatologist to learn more about certain skin diseases.

SageTea understands the importance of using technology for positive benefits and is currently focusing on supporting the healthcare industry through the development of state-of-the-art medical applications. SageTea’s first healthcare application is “SageTea Vision” which is a complete EMR solution designed specifically for Ophthalmologists. The company is working on several other applications relating to the health care industry including a multi-purpose application that can be used by any doctor or practitioner called “SageTea EMR”.

SageTea uses its proprietary software, “Text to Software®”, to automate much of the application development process. Text to Software® is a revolutionary new way of using natural language programming to create applications that can be applied to healthcare and any other industry. It is so simple that even a non-programmer can use it to create an application tailored to their specific needs.

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