Text to Software

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Text-to-Software® is a software development tool. It is a “low code” platform that takes the complexity and mystery out of building software. If you can write down what you need, our tool can create software with very little work by you. You don’t need a degree in Computer Science, and you can create software faster and with considerably less cost. On average, custom software projects built using Text-to-Software are at least 50% less expensive and are done in 50% less time.

Text-to-Software manages databases automatically, eliminating up to 30% of the costs for database administration on any software project built using this tool.

Text-to-Software comes with:

  • A built-in cloud for running web applications anywhere you want
  • Integrated security and access control
  • National language support including English, French and many others
  • Automatic assistance for developers using built-in expert features