Text-to-Software®- Low Code AI Platform

Text-to-Software® – Low Code AI Platform

Text-to-Software® is a low-code AI Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) software that combines the affordability & ease of use of low code applications with the flexibility & customization of traditional programming.

What it is:

  • faster than traditional coding 
  • affordable
  • scalable  – for either SMB or Enterprise level operations
  • HR friendly – easy to train & easy to use
  • enhanced data analysis and reporting features – using Artificial Intelligence

What it is not:

  • rigid, template-based 
  • slow to complete and deliver
  • expensive to create or customize
  • hard to learn or teach to staff
  • outdated 

It is ideal for:

  1. Software companies that want to delivery more product to their clients –  thus increasing revenue
  2. SMB companies that want to automate their processes without the high cost of traditional custom software – thus saving money
  3. Enterprise level companies that want to create or update their own custom software – thus staying competitive


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