Text to Software – The Original Low Code AI Platform

The first release of Text to Software was in 2012. From the beginning we defined the fundamentals for achieving low code through our simple method for Natural Language Processing using SAGETEA. SAGETEA is a high performance database format that is easy to use. It was first patented in 2014 and is part of Text to Software Deep Learning today.

One the best reasons to choose Text to Software Deep Learning is our experience. At SageTea AI, we have commercially deployed low code AI solutions for over 6 years. We continue to lead the market today through our latest product releases that have the most up to date algorithms for Deep Learning.

Every solution built using Text to Software is compatible with everything built from our platform and the SAGETEA standard.

Its also incredibly easy to use and maintain. A wide variety of low code applications have been built using Text to Software, by people aged from 14 to over 60, many of whom never programmed before.