SageTea Deep Learning adds AI capabilities to its software.

SageTea has released Deep Learning versions of both Text-to-Software(R) and SageTea Link for customers who required Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Deep Learning is a sub-field of Machine Learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks.  Our new Deep Learning Dashboard is part of SageTea Link Deep Learning.

Deep Learning enables the recognition of patterns in vast volumes of data that would be impossible for humans to process.  It can aggregate and analyze information from different sources across an organization to develop new views and insights.  Strong centralized intelligence better enables an organization to identify and manage both risks and opportunities.


Sample of SageTea’s Deep Learning Dashboard


What can our Deep Learning tools do?

SageTea Deep Learning has unique features and benefits that offer exceptional differentiation from competitive offerings and are sufficiently unique that the potential exists to not only create significant competitive advantage in existing market niches but also define new market spaces.

Here are some examples:

  • Determine how often a risk or opportunity has been identified and where
  • Perform trend analysis on key words over time
  • Remove unconscious human bias from decision making by providing analysis based on mathematical formulas
  • Perform 3D proximity mapping to determine strong and weak associations among words
  • Provide “new views” of data by providing an easy way to navigate and manipulate data to discover patterns, trends and relationships
  • Identify and list similar text at a statement, paragraph, or document-level
  • Act as a centralized repository for company data

In spring of 2018, SageTea launched SageTea Virtual Machine Deep Learning enabling end users of SageTea applications to install a SageTea Virtual Machine Deep Learning Application natively on any PC, MAC, workstation obtaining instant access to the SageTea Cloud.  Users log in with the same security model as a standard web or cloud user through a fully functional interface.