Seamlessly integrate with SageTea

Office Manager includes our patented business process methodology called SageTea. SageTea supports business modelling and analysis, making process automation very simple. Your original requirements never get lost when you save them with your latest version. Other low code tools can’t track your requirements like we can.

Highly Flexible And Secure 


Our web based application is compatible all major browsers and works using Apache.Our solution is hosted in Canada at BriteSky and is highly secure. Your data and meta data is not subject to the Patriot Act. Our clients can export all their data using standard SQL queries provided by our integrated Text to Software editor.

Support your favourite tools

 We use PostgreSQL as our standard database. We support Linux shell scripts. Invoices and other reports are generated using PDF and we can export to CSV. Our standard business rules support JavaScript and Web Services for integration with a wide variety of third party products.

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