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Office Manager
Manage your team and projects. Collaborate and meet deadlines. Plan and Schedule. All with one tool from SageTea Software.
Text To Software Small Business
SageTea’s premier application development platform for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides an innovative, cloud-based “expert system” that is agile and scalable when developing custom applications that address internal or industry needs.
SageTea Business Intelligence
SageTea Business Intelligence is a feature that is included with Text to Software. Its purpose is to import data from a variety of databases for use with applications built using Text to Software.
Software Platform Tools
Our technology stack provides you with a suite of products that support code-less application development for web, desktop, and mobile computing.

We build our tools using a combination of web services, HTML, Smalltalk, JSON, SQL, JQuery, JavaScript, ODBC and are cross-platform with deployment options for Windows, Linux, iOS, and other operating systems.

SageTea Warehouse Management
The SageTea Warehouse Management (SWM) system is a customizable dashboard and back-office solution for warehousing businesses. The SWM system is based on SageTea’s unique Text- to-Software(R) platform. This allows for easy customization of work flows and reporting for any business.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Typical medical EMR software providers too often try to force doctors to run their practices to how their software works. Here at SageTea Software, we wondered why the current EMR software solutions cannot seem to adapt to the unique ways a doctor or their support staff like to run their practices.