Smalltalk and SageTea Data Sheet

Smalltalk & SageTea – The Perfect Partnership

Smalltalk was developed by Xerox PARC and has been around since the 1970’s. It supports the use of natural language.

How exactly is Smalltalk used by SageTea?

Smalltalk is used to develop Text to Software, SageTea Link, SageTea Browser and SageTea Cloud. Its primary purpose is to close the distance between the natural language spoken by human beings and the programming languages used by machines. At SageTea we use Smalltalk as a bridge from natural language into the other languages and technologies we need, including Javascript, SQL, C/C++ along with ODBC, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP and many others. Using Smalltalk, English itself is a programming language.

What version of Smalltalk does SageTea use?

SageTea uses Cincom Smalltalk and Amber Smalltalk.

What happens to SageTea if Smalltalk is discontinued?

Smalltalk is one of the original computer languages and has been in use for over 30 years. Today it exists in a wide variety of dialects and has both open source and commercial editions. It cannot be discontinued by any one company because of its open source community, longevity and ease of adoption.

Our partnership with Willis College will see Smalltalk included in the school’s curriculum starting in 2017. This ensures that SageTea Software will have a steady supply of trained Smalltalk programmers to support its technology.

What is the biggest advantage of using Smalltalk?

Smalltalk was designed to be a universal language; anyone could use it with little or no formal training. It was optimized for non-programmers.

What is the biggest disadvantage of using Smalltalk?

Smalltalk’s biggest disadvantage was that it was optimized for non-programmers. A major design goal of the Smalltalk Language was for it to be accessible enough that any casual user, after minimal training, could use it to customize their environment and perform basic tasks. It was even thought that there wouldn’t be any need for professional programmers anymore, once everyone could write their own objects as needed.

It was way ahead of its time and instead lost favor to languages that produced more work for programmers. At SageTea Software we overcome this disadvantage by using Smalltalk’s original optimizations to enable us to market and sell true codeless solutions to non-programmers. While some programmers may see this as a threat, we moved beyond this market by targeting our solutions for the much larger market for non-programmers.

Smalltalk was also viewed as slow in performance. We have overcome this by using newer Smalltalk technology that has advanced optimizations and integrating Smalltalk with our patented high performance database solution. This performance improvement is standard and available across all SageTea products and solutions.