Text to Software Video (No Sound)

Text to Software includes an automatic training tool which demonstrates the key features of Text to Software along with advice on how to use the features. This video is the auto-trainer in action. It’s recorded with No Sound for people who want to watch it at work or in locations requiring quiet.

This video shows Text to Software actually building a software application by itself – hands free.

Conceptually this is how it works:

If you are starting to think that this could help you with your own business problem, the first thing you need to do is identify what that problem is. Once you know that, then Text to Software can start to make a difference for you. At SageTea Software, customers that have identified their problem are our ideal client. We can work with you to build a simple prototype that will prove to you that Text to Software works. After that, we can discuss pricing and put together options for purchase. We service all kinds of industries the same way using this approach. Many satisfied clients all of whom are in production with a customized solution faster than they ever expected. Contact us today to find out more.

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