Text To Software is a low code AI software development tool that converts text into custom software. It works with SageTea Cloud to convert natural language into applications that can be used to automate processes. Text To Software includes Smart Parts, a wide variety of components which provide low code features for customizing the application. To use GPT3 with Text To Software, describe the application you want in GPT3, then add the text into Text To Software’s Analysis Tool. From there convert it automatically into SageTea modelling language and generate your new low code application. SageTea also leverages the power of Business Process Modelling (BPM).

Text To Software is a powerful solution that converts documentation into applications, allowing developers to track and manage all aspects of a particular project and impart a particular business process.

Our low-code development tool allows non-programmers to create custom applications by converting simple instructions from natural languages into a working software application. This process works through three different steps: describe the application you want in GPT3, add this input text into SageTea’s Text Analysis tool; once that’s complete, automatically generate your low code application.

Blockly is a visual construct language used by educators and learners to create applications without writing code. By including graphical blocks representing key components of a program, users can build applications with powerful functional blocks and logical flow segments. This is unlike a lot of traditional coding tools in the market.

Editing Logic using Blockly in Text To Software