SageTea Software has a fully integrated technology stack designed to meet the end-to-end needs of a broad array of clients.

Our technology stack provides you with a fully integrated suite of products that support codeless application development, web, desktop and mobile computing. We build our tools using a combination of web services, HTML, Smalltalk, JSON, SQL, JQuery, Java Script, ODBC and are cross platform with deployment options for Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems.

Text-to-Software has these advantages over traditional programming:

  • Reduced labor costs and delivery time
  • Near-elimination of human coding errors
  • Consistent design quality

Turn words into results with Text-to-Software technology

SageTea Software uses our patented Text-to-Software tool to accelerate the development of fully functional software applications without the need for additional programming. With Text-to-Software, organizations in any industry can use our Text-to-Software tool to transform a legacy application or business concept that may only exist in text form into a working system with minimal human intervention.

The Text-to-Software tool dramatically reduces the need for traditional and time-consuming programming by quickly transforming business requirements into screens, logic, and a database. Data is stored in a powerful new format that uses a patent-pending, seven-table schema called SAGETEA.

The SAGETEA acts like an MP3 for SQL databases. Many commercial software applications rely on hundreds or thousands of database tables. Using only seven database tables, our Text-to-Software tool can do the exact same job.

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Reducing database tables means:

  • Databases cost less to maintain
  • Data is easier to find
  • Database bugs are easier to find and eliminate

Using our Text-to-Software tool to design applications, we create affordable software solutions that can help companies of any size move their businesses to the next level. This are available in our constantly growing online store.

SageTea Software can help you react faster than your competition to rapid changes in your business environment. What’s more, our “less code” equals “less maintenance” approach means you spend less time and money purchasing and maintaining existing systems. Your valuable IT resources can now respond to even more business challenges.

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