Smart Parts

Smart Parts are software components that make up a screen. These  are selected using Text to Software. Every Element can be one of the list of Smart Parts. Smart Parts are responsive and know how to draw themselves relative to the others on a given screen. Smart Parts also work as common desktop and web based software components.

Here is the current list of available Smart Parts for Text to Software. They are named according to their purpose:

Action Button – Add a button to your application. Connect it to the SageTea API layer.
Audit Trail – Add an Audit Trail to your application. This tracks and reports every login, logout, update to the system performed by any and all users.
Bar Chart – Add a Bar  Chart to your application.
Binary Object – Store files and attachments in your application.
Blank – A spacer between other Smart Parts.
Calendar – Add a calendar to your application.
Chart – Add a standard Chart to your application.
Check Box Set – Add a “True/False” check box.
Cloud Migration Assistant – Upload and import data.
Cloud Server Admin – Admin Panel for adding and maintaining clouds.
Country Code – Add a Country Code to your application.
Currency – Manage currencies.
Data Table Chart – Add a Table to your application.
Date – Add a Date picker to your application.
Date Time Now Stamp – Add a Time Stamp to your application.
Date Time – Set Dates with Times.
DB Settings – Admin panel for database administrator.
Debugger – Debug an application while it is running.
Dependent Number – A serialized number tool.
Download Action Button – Download large files.
Email – Add an Email client to your application.
Export Data – Export data from your application.
Forum – Add Threads with conversations to your application.
Gauge Chart – Add gauges to your application.
Geo Chart – Add maps to your application.
Grid – A grid is similar to a Table.
Group Combo Box – Add a combo box.
Hashed Value – Add an encrypted value.
Hyperlink – Add a Hyperlink.
Image – Add and save images.
Image List – Add and save a list of images.
Import Object – Import CSV and other file types.
Input Field – Add a standard Input Field.
Label – Add a simple pre-defined label.
Line Chart – Add a Line Chart.
List – Add a list which is either static or points to a list of items (Groups) in another State/Activity. Very useful for making pointers.
List With Filter – A filtered version of the standard list.
List With MultiSelection – Add a multi-selection list.
Live Chat – Add chat capabilities to allow users to chat with each other on the same application when logged in.
Logo – Add a logo to your application.
Map – Add a map to your application.
Mask – Add a Masked (hidden) value.
Medical Billing – Add Medical Billing to your application. You’ll need a third party billing supplier to integrate.
Message – Add an internal message to your workflow.
Navigator – Add a navigation tool for traversing your workflow.
New Cloud User Admin – Add the ability to add maintain users on your cloud.
None – Blank Smart Part
Number – Add a Smart Part with numeric values.
Page – Add a static text page to your application.
Password – Store or change your password.
Payment – Add e-commerce payment processing to your workflow. Requires a Paypal or TD Merchant Services account.
Pie Chart – Add a Pie Chart to your application.
Protocol Simulator – Add a simulator for vehicle information.
Quicktime Video – Add a QuickTime Video Player to your application.
Radio Button Set – Add a radio button (similar to check box).
Realty Map – Add a Real Estate map to your application.
Rich Text Editor – Add an advanced editor to your application (handles fonts/colors etc).
Right Fax – Add Right Fax handling capabilities to your workflow, add/receive faxes. Requires RightFax.
Rule – Add a custom rule to your application, access the SageTea API (code).
Rule List – Add a list of rules to your application.
Search Engine – Add a private search engine to your application. Search on any string and jump to that item in the workflow automatically. Great for fast navigation through complex applications.
Security Manager – Add and maintain security by user and group in your application.
Sequential Number – Add a number which increments each time a new instance is created.
Show Record Title – Add a title to your application.
Side Bar – Special Smart Part with search and navigation capabilities.
Simple Data Collector – Upload and manage data.
Spin Button – Add a Spin Button to your application.
Sports App – Add a customized coaching app for hockey. (SageTea Browser only)
String As Number – Convert Strings to Numbers
SubGroup List – Add a list of Items (Groups) to your current screen.
SubGroup Tree – Tree formatted list of items.
Submit Button – Submit a current form.
Suggest Record Name – Recommender tool for names.
Table – Add a table to your application.
Tasks – Add a list of tasks to your application.
Telephone Number – Manage Telephone numbers.
Text Area – Unlimited size text area for free text.
Time – Select times.
Time Now Stamp – Time stamp based on the current time.
User Definition – Edit user info.
User Owner – Edit owner info.
User Role Administrator – Edit user roles.
Vehicle Dashboard – Vehicle simulator.
Visual Navigator – SageTea Browser only. Visual graph based navigation tool for traversing workflow.
Web Browser – Integrate third party web content.
Win Video – Windows based video player.