SageTea Warehouse Management

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SageTea Warehouse Management (SWM) system is a customizable dashboard and back office solution for the warehousing businesses.

The SWM system is based on SageTea’s unique Text- to-Software(R) platform.  This allows for easy customization of work flows and reporting for any business.


  • Integration

  • SWM’s dashboard provides a top-down view that integrates all areas of operation – from Receiving to Shipping.  Eliminate silos and see where everything is at any time.
  • Real-Time Scheduling

  • Track any shipment for seamless Receiving, Storage and Shipping processing with integrated shipping manifests.
  • Key Reporting

  • One click reporting for faster operations analysis and head office invoicing.  Customize your search parameters from greater range of analysis.
  • Price

  • Pricing that is easily within the reach of the smallest warehousing operation – while being powerful enough for large scale enterprises.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality

  • Works on handheld scanners, web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Multi-Location Capability

  • Whether you have one warehouse or many – our warehouse application will track everything from boxes to skids with ease.
  • Easy to Learn

  • So easy to learn that even older or temporary warehouse staff can quickly adopt in a matter of minutes thus keeping your staff happy.


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