SageTea Warehouse Management

ocha_food-nfi-relief-goods_simple-orange_256x256Warehouse management made easy

“Warehouse Management” helps you identify, locate and more efficiently manage the items you have in your warehouse. It is a simple, yet powerful application that eliminates the hassle of dealing with overly complex programs that offer way more than you need.

  • Price – Warehouse Management is offered at a price point that is easily within the reach of even the smallest warehousing operations; while being powerful enough for large scale deployments.
  • HTML 5 – Cross platform functionality. The system works on handheld scanning devices, web browsers and mobile applications.
  • Multi-location capability – Whether you have one warehouse or many – Warehouse Management will track everything with ease.
  • Easy to learn – The application is very easy to learn and even temporary warehouse staff can quickly become competent users in a matter of minutes.

SageTea Warehouse Management is included free with Text to Software.

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For more information on how easily SageTea’s Warehouse Management can improve the efficiency of your warehousing operations, please fill out our Contact Form or call 1-877-722-2091 to schedule a demonstration.

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