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Audit Plan

$80.00 / month

Audit Plan is the Auditors Deep Learning Dashboard with a monthly service plan. Designed for government departments and large organizations that need greater insights for us in Performance Audit. This package can be scaled up by including multiple Deep Learning Dashboards and service plans.

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Audit Plan

Audit Plan is an AI tool designed for automatically performing audits of businesses and institutions. It provides insights into unstructured data (ie documents) which allow owners and stakeholders such as CEOs, CFOs and CIOs to determine previously unseen risks inside their organizations. The tool analyzes keywords in documents, their relationships to other conversations and displays them visually. Statements in documents can be searched and correlated with numerical risks that are scored by a pre-trained AI. Audit Plan comes with the easy to use AI Cloud file uploader that is as easy to use as Drop Box. Just login and add files from your desktop. The AI processes them in a few minutes and you then see the results on your new dashboard.

Why did we create an Audit software?

Auditor’s have historically conducted regulatory and compliance audits through manual analysis of a sampling of data.  Not all data was able to be checked as the volume typically precluded a full analysis.

What does Audit Plan give you?

  • easy data import from single or multiple sources
  • a complete audit of all available data
  • customizable reports with export to PDF