SageTea Welcomes Tim Rowledge as New CTO

17 Jun

SageTea Welcomes Tim Rowledge as New CTO

New SageTea CTO – Tim Rowledge

SageTea Software is pleased to announce that we have hired Tim Rowledge as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Tim comes with years of experience as Project Lead, Architect and Manager of complex Smalltalk projects.

For instance, here is a sampling of the world-class expertise that Tim brings to SageTea Software’s projects:

Tim Rowledge

Software Development

  • Several Smalltalk implementations including several years managing the development of VisualWorks
  • Years of Squeak development experience including applications and the virtual machine
  • Experience in developing and implementing Smalltalk systems on all classes of machine from custom boards through PDAs to workstation and servers.

Technical Intelligence Analysis

  • Review, analysis, summary, litigation support, including electronic discovery, code analysis, expert analysis

Product, Graphics and UI Design

  • Designed and built software, user interfaces, motorcycles, model aircraft, publicity materials, furniture. Most
    famous piece of graphic work is the logo for the Squeak system (which seems to be pervasive across the world)

Tim has four decades of in depth work experience including a large number of well known firms and institutions. These include working for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, University of Southern California, Open Source Squeak Project, Parc Place Systems Inc, UK Ministry of Defense, Vickers Shipbuilding Plc, Cincom, IBM and Rolls-Royce Aero Engines Ltd.

In addition, Tim is leading the SageTea Robotics program including training students and working with Raspberry Pi, Lego and NuScratch.

Tim has a Master of Design Degree, Royal College of Art, London, Great Britain.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, Great Britain.

“SageTea’s natural language processing software is a really exciting use of Smalltalk to provide a leading edge business software development system to customers. I’m looking forward to working with the team to extend & improve the system, and devising new services and products that we can build on the current base. ” Tim Rowledge, CTO, SageTea Software