My Internship Experience at SageTea

8 Sep

My Internship Experience at SageTea

As a student in my last semester of the Technical Writing Program at Algonquin College, I was required to have a full semester of internship with a company of my choice. Since I always want to challenge myself and learn as many skills as possible, I decided to send an email with my resume to a few software companies. The next morning, I received an email from David Long, the CEO of SageTea Software, who invited me to come for a meeting and to possibly work on revamping the user manual for Text-to-Software, one of their unique and innovative products. At that time, I could not have predicted that this meeting would result in the life-changing experience and would lead me to a new and interesting career path.

My internship at SageTea has taught me more than I could have imagined. As a Proposal Writer Intern (not a Technical Writer one like I expected!), I was asked to write technical content for a government RFP. My tasks were diverse and included reading, researching, organizing information according to specific requirements, attending meetings/communicating with brilliant Subject Matter Experts, producing new content, and editing. In just a few months, I learned so much about the company, about the job and about myself. And the best part was that I could experience all this in a very friendly environment and surrounded by a team of highly qualified professionals, who have supported me, inspired me, encouraged me, and helped me learn and grow into a more well-rounded and more confident writer.

Here is a short list of the most important lessons that I have learnt during my time at SageTea:

1. Punctuality, hard work, and time management are essential because they help everyone on your team and show that you are capable of responsibility and professionalism.
2. Having a POSITIVE attitude in all situations is key to having healthy work relationships and creating comfortable work environment.
3. Build new skills and be eager to learn all lessons to constantly improve yourself!
4. Follow the Technical Communicator’s Code of Ethics and take responsibility for every word you write and for every mistake you make.

I would like to say a sincere Thank You to David Long, Scott MacGregor for giving me this opportunity. Big thank you to Alexandra Waring, Fred Leroux, and all technology professionals, executives, engineers and everyone else who has made SageTea such a wonderful workplace. Now, having graduated from the Algonquin College, I feel very lucky to continue working for this company and I highly recommend SageTea to any Interns and talented professionals who are looking for new and exciting opportunities.