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Working with Logic

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Working with logic in SAGETEA is done using the Rules Editor in Text to Software. This Rules Editor is designed to be able to understand the logic that a user wants to express in natual language and convert it into required code that a machine understands. Text is still used as the starting input, similar to how Elements and Groups are created. There are thousands of potential commands that can be run, similar to how human beings have thousands of different things they can say to each other. The Rules Editor assists with defining each command statement from English to code with simple menus of options. We also include a simple Work Space and Debugger that can be used to write and test longer sets of commands. Here is how this works: First, create a new Element and change its Display Type to be a Rule. On the right hand side of the Rules Editor are a list of Nouns. Nouns are Classes which are able to understand different kinds of instructions known as Verbs. In SAGETEA, we use the similarity between the natural English language and our internal code to make translating between natural and machine language relatively easy. There is a large library of available commands and the Rules Editor is design to help you find the one you need to perform any kind of logic that you want. Scroll through the list of Nouns and select the one in which you are interested. Once you select the Noun which you want you will see the list of potential Verbs that it understands how to to perform. These are generally written out in long form with each word in the command written in full. This makes the purpose of the command clear. SAGETEA has the concept of the system itself as having an “identity”. This is so that you can refer to it like you would when you talk with an actual person. When you want to refer to yourself you simply say “self”. For traditional programmers, this is similar to the term “this” in languages like C++. In SAGETEA we say “self”. The Rules Editor is trained to recognize the word “self” and will fill in the next set of potential words you can use when you hit the Space bar. Click the “Insert Suggestion” button to have the command you want to run inserted into the Rules Editor automatically. Click OK and the Rules Editor automatically inserts the statement that runs the command you want to run.

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