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Welcome to the Text To Software® documentation. We refer to Text-To-Software® as T2S sometimes in this documentation. First, in order to find T2S you need to click the “Edit” button from the toolbar in any SageTea Application. If you don’t have a SageTea Application yet, that is not a problem. You can get a free trial here. The example shown below shows you where to click to get to the Text To Software editor (Green Button on the right):

Finding Text To Software

This will lead you to the Text To Software (T2S) editor, shown below.


Text To Software has a series of tabs at the top. The first tab is for defining the requirements for the program you want to make. This is called Use Cases. Use Cases are important for describing how your system will be used, what its goals are, how long they will take to build, how they are to be tested, what they will cost to make and who will make them. For further reading on Use Case Theory, we recommend this background article on Use Case Theory.

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