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Uploading and Downloading an Application

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Uploading an Application to the Text-to-Software Server

To upload the application from Text-to-Software to the server, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the Connection Tab
2. Click the Upload button

NOTE! This will overwrite any application data that is currently on the server. To prevent overwriting an existing application on the server (if it is uncertain if a version already exists), check the Abort on Version Change checkbox. This will stop Text-to-Software from overwriting the application on the server, i.e. if someone else is also working on the same application.

Downloading an Application from the Text-to-Software Server

Downloading an application from the server is the easiest way to import application data into the Text-to-Software tool, assuming that the application already exists on the server.

To download a copy of the application from the Text-to-Software server:
1. Go back to the Connections tab and click the Download button.
2. Proceed to the Requirements tab to see and work with the application data.

NOTE! Do NOT click the Upload button when you do not have the latest version of the application loaded into Text-to-Software. Clicking the Upload button takes whatever data is in the Text-to-Software tool and OVERWRITES what is on the server. So, instead of downloading the application from the server, it would overwrite that application with the default data that is already in Text-to-Software.

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