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Office Manager is designed to manage a business. It is a low code application built by SageTea Software. Office Manager assists busy people with managing complex scheduling problems with an easy to use the scheduler. Office Manager comes with a customizable dashboard that tracks important tasks, appointments, projects and issues. Office Manager’s dashboard provides quick access to information which indicates the state of operations of a business. Office Manager creates and manages invoices. This includes reports of numbers and types of products sold by period.

For businesses that run projects, Office Manager includes Project Management workflows including creating projects, assigning tasks, participants and storing documents.  For document storage, Office Manager comes with a powerful preview tool which allows a wide variety of documents to be viewed from within any workflow. Office Manager provides participant dashboards for each individual in the company. This provides an individualized experience that integrates seamlessly with the overall organizational workflow.

Office Manager includes a simple but powerful CRM that tracks and reports on a 12-month rolling sales forecast. Unique to this CRM, slippage in individual sales accounts are tracked and accounted for automatically (when closing dates change), providing a more realistic view of incoming cash flow.

Office Manager includes SageTea Software’s patented search engine, which consistently finds documents and information of any kind, with rapid retrieval from any location in the system. The search engine provides single field searches as well as a simple boolean expression based searches or case sensitive searches.


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