General Service Level Agreement Terms

These general terms apply for all SageTea Cloud customers.
(a) support period commences on the first day of their contract or go live date (generally this is the first login event) and ends on the contract termination date, 30 days after non payment or at the requested termination date;
(b) support procedure is to send a support request to;
(c) our general procedure is to provide an initial response to acknowledge the request, provide a time frame for the resolution and then work on the solution;
(d) during normal business hours our goal is to respond within 30 minutes to all email requests and resolve the issue within 24 hours for a level 1 issue;
(e) telephone, fax or email communications will be responded to in the same manner where possible (ie if a customer calls us by phone we will call them back by phone)
(f) website support (this) is available to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
(g) our annual uptime target for all SageTea Cloud customers is 99.9% of the time;
(h) SageTea Cloud customers receive “ever green” maintenance entitlements (e.g. automatic entitlement to patches, updates, and major/minor releases). The exact timing of these varies by customer and is generally performed overnight or on weekends.