CCITAGS Conference AI Panel Round Up

16 May

CCITAGS Conference AI Panel Round Up

Canadian Conference on IT Audit Governance and Security (CCITAGS)

CCITAGS took place on March 17th to 19th at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto.  I was invited to speak on a panel regarding Artificial Intelligence.  It was a thrilling experience to be part of the discussion with Canada’s leading edge companies in AI for the audit universe.

Here is a round up of the panelists:

  • Employment Skills Development Canada
  • Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc.
  • Mindbridge
  • MNP

…and of course SageTea Software.

In detail:

Employment Skills Development Canada is a public sector client.  They employ innovation such as AI to solve problems that are too hard to solve otherwise.  Therefore, their particular concern is in solving specific issues that do not have easy solutions and where AI can provide insight.

Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc. creates structured and flexible AI components, assembled in a specific sequence, to solve multiple problems.  Their conversation was about developing software components that can be assembled in various sequences, like human DNA, to develop solutions.

Mindbridge offers specific AI solutions for journal entry computer assisted audit techniques.  Therefore, their discussion was around a specific, purpose-built solution to address specific challenges for data analytics.

MNP provides professional services employing AI technology.  They provide solutions bridging the gap between clients and vendors.  Their presentation was about solving the right business problem with the right technology – all while providing optimal value and managing risk.

And, SageTea Software position in the AI-audit landscape is in providing Natural Language translation of business requirements into software with minimal coding.  Therefore, SageTea is working to bridge the gap between people and technology.  The end result is a solution design that is simpler, more efficient and more cost effective.

SageTea strategic advantage is it’s proprietary Text-to-Software platform and AI-based Deep Learning audit analysis component.

In conclusion, the panelists provided some interesting, forward-looking perspectives on where AI is going in regards to audit along with a number of good questions from the audience.

A special thanks to the organizers at CCITAGS for an amazing conference.   It was a lot of fun and I was very pleased with receiving my conference certificate.

Good job to everyone involved and I look forward to the next one.