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Graphic of Fork for JUN
11 Mar

SageTea Software Notice of Fork for JUN

SAGETEA SOFTWARE: Notice of Fork for JUN SageTea Software ensures its software is state-of-the-art by forking strategic open source code such as JUN. The JUN graphics package is currently published as GPL source code.   However, the most recent update to this package was in 2015. SageTea Software is continuing internal development of this package.  The […]
14 Nov

It Started with a Dropped Business Card

Let me tell you about the day I learned that an opportunity can be as random as a dropped business card. With three boys to get ready for school, I’m lucky if I have time to grab a quick coffee and to wipe their jammy fingerprints off my pants before I leave for work. Most […]
SageTea developer kit low-code platform
8 Nov

Are Low-Code Platforms Better than Coding?

Last week, Computer Business Review (CBR) published an article entitled: National Coding Week: Will Low-Code Platforms Kill Coding? In it, they challenge the idea held by many that the solution for the rising demand for code is to get more people coding. They ask the question whether “Coding is going to be a redundant skill […]
CAAF & SageTea Software
12 Jul

CAAF and SageTea Software Partnership Announcement

SageTea Software and the Canadian Audit and Accountability Federation (CAAF) On July 13, 2018, SageTea Software and the Canadian Audit and Accountability Federation (CAAF) signed a partnership agreement to supply CAAF with SageTea’s latest audit software component, the Deep Learning Dashboard. The CAAF works to improve the audit performance and accountability of Canadian oversight bodies, […]
10 Jul

Business Partners Shorten Cycles in Software and Payment

The following article regarding business partners shortening cycles in software and payment is from a case study on SageTea Software by FundThrough. “SageTea Software is an award-winning technology company led by David Long and Scott MacGregor. Founded in 2007, SageTea launched its highly innovative core product, Text-to-Software®, in 2012. Their patented technology enables users to […]
17 Jun

SageTea Welcomes Tim Rowledge as New CTO

New SageTea CTO – Tim Rowledge SageTea Software is pleased to announce that we have hired Tim Rowledge as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Tim comes with years of experience as Project Lead, Architect and Manager of complex Smalltalk projects. For instance, here is a sampling of the world-class expertise that Tim brings to […]
16 May

CCITAGS Conference AI Panel Round Up

Canadian Conference on IT Audit Governance and Security (CCITAGS) CCITAGS took place on March 17th to 19th at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto.  I was invited to speak on a panel regarding Artificial Intelligence.  It was a thrilling experience to be part of the discussion with Canada’s leading edge companies in AI for the audit […]
7 Jul

The Willis College “Award for Excellence in Software Design”

June 5, 2017 by Alexandra Waring SageTea Software has teamed up with Willis College Ottawa Campus, one of the nation’s premiere business and technical colleges, to provide training in SageTea’s application-building software – Text-to-Software®. Over the past few months, Willis College IT students have been learning how to create software using SageTea’s technology.  Willis College’s […]
10 May

SageTea and BCIP

In April of this year, SageTea successfully delivered its first Build in Canada Innovation Project – the Mining Data Classification System.  This application provides roles based data access for all stakeholders involved in mine remediation projects. There are long-term and far reaching side effects of mining.   For many years, it was a tale of high […]