CAAF and SageTea Software Partnership Announcement

CAAF & SageTea Software
12 Jul

CAAF and SageTea Software Partnership Announcement

SageTea Software and the Canadian Audit and Accountability Federation (CAAF)

On July 13, 2018, SageTea Software and the Canadian Audit and Accountability Federation (CAAF) signed a partnership agreement to supply CAAF with SageTea’s latest audit software component, the Deep Learning Dashboard.

The CAAF works to improve the audit performance and accountability of Canadian oversight bodies, management and auditors.  They achieve this by supporting these parties with the resources, tools, and training they need to carry out their responsibilities, and by providing a focal point for knowledge sharing and networking to foster collaboration and discussion on issues of mutual interest.

AI Analysis for Audit Process

SageTea Software developed an AI-based, deep learning component to its software platform, Text-to-Software.   This enables regulatory and compliance analysts like auditors, managers and government to do a deep scan of written documents rather than relying on a statistical sampling.

For CAAF, the value SageTea brings comes from our low code approach to Deep Learning that is made possible through Text-to-Software. Our solution allows us to both quickly deliver and customize the experience in a way that is affordable and easy to use. CAAF has decades of experience with the audit process that can now be leveraged through an AI filter to provide greater insights and more easily in the audit space.

The Deep Learning Dashboard is of benefit not only to auditors but also corporations and government.  It is incredibly important to understand whether and where there are conflicting, redundant or outdated regulations and/or errors in compliance within departments.

David Long, CEO, SageTea Software said, “we’re very much looking forward to working with CAAF. Their knowledge and skills in and around the audit sector offer great value for deep learning. Over the coming months we’ll add documents from their database into our AI and observe the results”.

Stay tuned for more developments in AI-based audit regulatory and compliance software as a result of the CAAF and SageTea’s partnership.