8 Nov


Last week, Computer Business Review published an article entitled:

National Coding Week: Will Low-Code Platforms Kill Coding?

In it, they challenge the idea held by many that the solution for the rising demand for code is to get more people coding. They ask the question whether “Coding is going to be a redundant skill in future..”. At SageTea Software, we believe this is the case. Our approach to everything we do is based on “Anti-Coding”. So what is “Anti-Coding?”.

Anti-Coding is the complete opposite of coding.

Anti-Coding is a standpoint one takes as a business person, technical leader or as a smart customer. The goal of the Anti-Coder is simple, solve every problem you can without the need for doing coding. Coding came about as a way of doing things with computers because we had no way to take the language that we speak as humans and translate that into the language used by computers.

Anti-Coders are able to face the truth.

Thanks to giant leaps taken in the field of Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Deep Learning, we are increasingly able to work with computers without the past reliance on huge amounts of coding.

David Long, CEO, SageTea Software