Text To Software’s Competitive Advantages

Text To Software’s Competitive Advantages:

  • It is the world’s first natural language processing (NLP) development platform. Using Text-to-Software you get a better way to go codeless and outperform the competition.
  • It reads text requirements from an MS Word document and then makes custom software using pre-built “Smart Parts”. This approach is faster, less risky and lower cost than other codeless or standard software development tools.
  • It is a true low-code platform that provides ease-of-use without resorting to templates which still depend on code. Templates can only take you so far and our approach based on processing English reduces the need for code down to zero in many cases. Other template driven software development platforms simply can’t do this.
  • Text-to-Software has better integration and compatibility with in-house and common standards for software development processes. These include General Process, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Database Integration, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Model-based Process, Case Management and Metadata Modelling. In fact, Text-to-Software is ideal for use with these standards since these are also based on text. This is critical to have on any serious software development project.
  • Text-to-Software is better than other software development tools because it helps you build business deals with your clients. The tool automatically publishes documents like Statements of Work, Estimates, Proposals, User Acceptance Tests, Manuals, Contracts, Work Breakdown Structures, Requirements Verification Matrixes and System Designs. The best part to this is that when you get a win, the tool has everything you need to then go on and build what your client wants, faster and at far less cost than the competition.

Text-to-Software is an “expert system” with a self-learning chat feature. Using our tool you can start to integrate artificial intelligence into your business, and impress your customers with your ability to effectively use automation. You’ll be something special that your competition simply cannot offer. Learn more.