SageTea Vision

classica_eye-1_simple-orange_256x256SageTea Vision for Ophthalmologists

Clinical Data Management. Customized Workflow. Powerful Reporting.

Developed with ophthalmologists and for ophthalmologists, SageTea Vision is a powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use solution that lets you improve patient care and increase your clinic’s efficiency at a lower cost and in less time than typical EMR systems.

Software that works the way you do

Typical EMR systems use predefined templates and work flows that can be difficult for your staff to adopt and learn. But changing these solutions means lengthy rounds of expensive coding that take your staff’s attention and your own resources away from what’s most important to your practice – your patients.

With SageTea Vision, you’ll have a solution modeled on the way you and your staff want to work, right from the start. And unlike with typical EMR systems, SageTea analysts can modify your workflows quickly and at low cost.

Complete practice management capabilities

SageTea Vision is a single, integrated platform to manage every aspect of your workflow, across the entire continuum of care. Key features include:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

  • SageTea’s flexible system lets you define and capture the medical data you need. Link scanned physical records to specific patient records easily for data continuity and improved workflow.
  • Custom digital workflow configuration improves staff efficiency without disrupting or changing the way they work.
  • Incorporating your existing forms into the SageTea system improves report creation at the patient and practice level.


  • Complete, flexible scheduling features such as booking, re-scheduling, cancellations, walk-ins, day/week views, date-blocking, completed visits, and more.


  • Complete support for Manitoba provincial diagnostic and billing codes, patient payment history, and third-party insurance or WCIB billing.


  • Exported data to Excel to create your own custom reports or have our analysts create custom reports for you.


  • Incorporate scan results from medical diagnostics equipment. Link all forms of patient diagnostics (text, images) to view in the complete patient record.

Email Referral Generation:

  • Simplify your referrals process through instantly auto-generated emails.

Virtual Patient Records:

  • Create and manage every aspect of your clinical data (patient’s medical history, appointment records, clinical notes) from within a single, integrated digital platform.

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